Reversing Variable Pitch Hub Propeller Hubs

Here is the first look at the new variable pitch propeller hubs. These hubs are ready to mount IvoProp Composite Magnum Paddles with a finished diameter of 96 inches. Two separate variable pitch hubs are on each of the twin drive hovercraft, and allow for fully reversing of each hub individually. Orders can be placed now to secure your delivery in the production schedule. Contact USHovercraft at 907-301-0375.

USHovercraft article in Peterson's Hunting

A Hovercraft from USHovercraft was used on a charter for bear hunting in Upper Cook Inlet last year. The hunt story was published in Peterson's Hunting Magazine. Alaska bear hunting is extremely popular, and the hovercraft can access areas that are unavailable to conventional boats. Click here to download the whole article.
Contact USHovercraft for hovercraft charters out of Anchorage, Alaska. 907-301-0375

Hovercraft in Upper Cook Inlet, Fire Island Alaska

hovercraft alaska
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A storm moves across Fire Island near Anchorage Alaska as seen from an 8ft X 20ft hovercraft on the shores of Upper Cook Inlet. The small dot in the middle of the picture is of a large cargo ship arriving at the International Port of Anchorage. Click on the picture to see larger versions of all the hovercraft pictures. You can enlarge them one more time by using the "all sizes" link above the picture on the USHovercraft Photostream page in Flickr. USHovercraft, Anchorage Alaska 907-301-0375

Variable Pitch Propellers and Fans

USHovercraft has been getting a lot of interest in the new variable pitch propeller hubs for hovercraft. These hubs can be used with IvoProp composite propellers, WarpDrive composite propellers, and MultiWing 5Z composite fan blade. They can be adapted to any number of blades, horsepower application, rotational speed and direction. These hubs are inflight adjustable via cable, hydraulic, electric or pneumatic controllers. Contact USHovercraft in Anchorage, Alaska via email for specifics for your application.

Hovercraft made in Anchorage, Alaska USA

Alaska hovercraft
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The USHovercraft Hoverport can be seen behind the latest 10 ft X 20 ft hovercraft going through initial testing on the mud flats at the International Port of Anchorage, Alaska USA. This hovercraft is using the newest variation of our close bag hovercraft skirt system, with an integrated air volume controller. The operator can quickly adjust the volume of air that is being used in the bag (controlling bag pressure) or redirect that airflow into the chamber under the hovercraft. This results in easy corrections for hovercraft height, airflow and drag for changing surfaces airflow requirements. Contact USHovercraft for information about our latest skirt system and the improvements it can add to your hovercraft.

Commercial Hovercraft Controls

This is the control system for the latest twin variable pitch propeller hovercraft. The throttle is far left, both propeller pitch adjustments are the next two red handles. The dash includes engine gauges: vacuum guage, fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, water temperature guage, dual battery system gauge and GPS. Top right is the marine radio. The hatch in the front of the hovercraft is available to service control linkages, heater and batteries. Contact USHovercraft for your custom hovercraft. 907-301-0375.