USHovercraft 2015 Update

Please contact USHovercraft by email or by phone for information about hovercraft sales, service or parts. Have a great holiday season from all of us at US Hovercraft.

Adjustable pitch fan hubs

Adjustable pitch fan
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These new hubs are designed for any configuration of fan blades and are currently using the 5Z Multiwing composite blades. Similarly to our variable pitch propeller hubs, these fans can be adjusted during operation and can be controlled by electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or by manual cables. These are perfect for hovercraft applications where variable flows will ease the design process. Additionally the ability to change the volume and pressure under the hovercraft can help with both cargo capacity as well as terrain changes. Contact USHovercraft for more information. 907-783-2350

Hovercraft for Sale

hovercraft for sale
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More pictures have been sent in of this 7ft X 14 ft twin engine hovercraft that is currently for sale. It is being used on the interior waterways of Alaska. Click on the picture to go to our USHovercraft picture gallery where you can see many more pictures of this hovercraft and other hovercraft for sale. Call for specifications. US Hovercraft in Anchorage, Alaska USA 907-783-2350

Hovercraft for Sale in Anchorage, Alaska

This 2003 plans built "Prospector" hovercraft is for sale and is located near Anchorage, Alaska USA. The Hull is 16ft long and X 8 ft wide. This hovercraft is powered by a single 1988 E-82 Subaru Engine with 85 hrs on hour meter. The engine has electronic ignition, weber carburetors, and is plumbed for a heater. Contact USHovercraft for information at 907-783-2350 or email to info@ushovercraft.com

Hovercraft for Sale with trailer

This hovercraft is currently in Fairbanks, Alaska. Shown here it is on a custom built trailer and covered storage. It is for sale including the trailer for $20,000USD. Email for more pictures and specifications. info@ushovercraft.com

USHovercraft: 10ft X 20ft Hovercraft with twin 8ft variable pitch propellers

Here is a 3 min video of the variable pitch propellers operating on a 20ft hovercraft. This hovercraft has one engine, one lift fan and two fully reversible in-flight variable pitch propellers. Contact USHovercraft to see what hovercraft we have for sale by email at info@ushovercraft.com

More pictures of the 14ft hovercraft for sale

Make sure to check out the photos section of our website. It has hundreds of pictures of hovercraft for sale, past hovercraft projects and numerous hovercraft types. This is another good photo of the hovercraft that is for sale right now. Email for more information to info@ushovercraft.com If you click on this photo you will be redirected to Flickr.com. After the photo appears you can click on the "All Sizes" button above the photo to enlarge the photo for more clarity!!!